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Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch Spring Lake Ranch

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Having had a couple of years away from the Ranch working as a provider in various settings, I am more than ever convinced that Spring Lake Ranch occupies an important niche in the world of mental health care institutions.

~ Former Staff

Spring Lake Ranch

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Welcome To Vermont

Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community offers licensed residential treatment and a variety of transitional options in the Green Mountains of Vermont. 

Since its founding in 1932, Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community has offered a healing community for people with mental illness or dual diagnosis.  At the core of the Ranch is the belief that recovery can best begin in a community where each person is respected and contributes.  At the Ranch, people are treated as individuals, not as patients or cases. 

Spring Lake Ranch is a working community in which all members contribute in their own unique ways.  In taking an active role in the work and life of the community, people can regain the sense of self often forgotten in the course of a long illness or addiction. 

Some forty years ago, we recognized the need for people leaving our residential community to have a graduated transition to greater independence.  We created this opportunity with our Transitional Living Program in nearby Rutland, a place where people can get individualized attention while remaining connected to the Ranch.

Our experiential learning approach, combined with new advances in individual therapeutic technique and pharmacology, make the Ranch a dynamic therapeutic experience in a natural and inclusive environment.  


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On Woods Crew

The first Friday morning of each month I try to get out on work program. This morning was my opportunity to participate with the woods crew.

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A very Happy New Year to you!

Back at SLR the staff have done an outstanding job of attending to residents and clients who were with us over the holidays, assisting those traveling, and welcoming people back after holidays at home.

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