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Setting: Long-Term Treatment in Vermont's Green Mountains

spring-lake sugar-house

What People Are Saying...

  • I recall receiving a Worker of the Month award. The crew leader said she initially wondered if I would even show up for crew, but in the end the crew leader was able to leave me in charge of the crew. I felt very good about this, and took pride in the hard work.


Spring Lake Ranch's working farm is situated on 700 acres of forest and pastures in the hills above the village of Cuttingsville, and just below one of the most beautiful and unspoiled lakes in Vermont. The beauty and serenity of rural Vermont - the rolling hills, wooded paths, and scenic vistas - is tightly woven into the life of the community.

Small homes, housing from four to eight residents each, sit alongside our garden, barns, repair shop, sugar house, pottery studio, gym, and tennis court as well as several houses for our staff and their families. All of these are clustered near the original farmhouse that serves as the center of the Ranch, with its community dining room, kitchens, offices, and meeting spaces.

The average stay might include six months in the relatively secluded and safe setting of the Ranch, followed by a supported gradual introduction to greater independence through our transitional living program in the town of Rutland, Vermont. Rutland, though large by Vermont standards, is a small community with access to theatre and the arts, local sports and recreation, respected colleges, wellness opportunities that range from excellent hospital facilities to holistic and non-traditional health services, and easy access to hiking trails, rivers, and several popular downhill ski mountains.

For more information about area amenities, see our resource page, or visit the Rutland Regional Chamber of Commerce.