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The Therapeutic Community at Work

Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch
Spring Lake Ranch

What People Are Saying

The things that I learned from the Ranch and the people there, on how to maintain a healthy life are tools that I use daily. They taught me to care for myself first and my family and friends next. It's difficult to do this sometimes, but I know that I can now--thanks to Spring Lake Ranch.

~ Resident

The core of day-to-day life at the Ranch is work. Many people who come to Spring Lake Ranch have lost the spirit and the stamina for work.  When working together on a common task, it is much easier to make friends and focus on what one can do, rather than what one can't.  On the work program, roles are fluid; residents and staff problem-solve on projects together, both giving and receiving direction. In time, self-esteem and confidence grow out of concrete accomplishment and individual contribution. Residents are asked to be reliable, on time, responsible and respectful - life and work skills that are expected in any job they may have in the future. Through work residents become active participants in their lives once again in ways that are unpredictable, enjoyable, and transformative.

Work is key to those who participate in our Rutland Transitional Programs as well.  Community resource staff and advisors team up with vocational rehabilitation and other opportunities to help residents find meaningful work in Rutland County.  We have long-term relationships with schools, galleries, libraries, kennels, and businesses where many residents begin to build work experience. 

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