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Resident Needs

What to Bring

Please consult this list of things you should bring with you, and a few you should leave behind. 


Most Residents receive a weekly allowance paid for by the family. This amount is determined by the Resident and his/her family. The allowance is billed in the monthly statement for the coming month. Please note that some months have five (5) Thursdays and will be billed accordingly.

Health Insurance:

If a Resident has health insurance, please bring the health insurance card. This information is very important if a Resident needs to see a medical doctor, dentist, or therapist, or needs to go to the hospital. It is the responsibility of the Resident or family member to provide this information at the time of admission.

Some Residents come with Medicaid or Medicare or are eligible for these programs. Spring Lake Ranch needs to be aware of this information as well. Medicaid/Medicare does not cover the cost of residential treatment. Out-of-state Medicaid will not cover the costs of medication, medical visits, lab work, or private therapy.


The Ranch fee does not cover pharmacy bills. The Ranch works primarily with one pharmacy in Rutland. We assist families to arrange for payment directly to the pharmacy at the time of admission. Whenever possible, the pharmacy will bill the resident's health insurance. However, sometimes the pharmacy is unable to bill out of state insurance companies.

Medical Doctor Visits:

Spring Lake Ranch has a full-time health coordinator, who is responsible for coordinating a Resident's doctor visits. If the Resident has health insurance we shall pass that information on to the doctor's office. Otherwise, the Ranch shall include the bill in the monthly statement.

What People Are Saying

While clearing saplings, I took time to look around at all of the other crew members, from all walks of life, struggling to various degrees with their illnesses. And yet they were still pushing on to do their jobs together, and helping each other. It was great to see, and gave me inspiration that even on my worst days, there are others feeling bad but are able to push on. It helped me pick it up a notch.

~ Resident


The Ranch can assist Residents in finding local therapists. However, such treatment is considered to be separate from the Ranch program and will be treated in the same way as medical doctor visits.

Phone Calls:

The Ranch charges Residents for long distance phone calls. Because of our phone company's billing cycle, the month that we bill for may be 2 months behind.

Helpful Information