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  • The routine and work made sense. It helped to begin to sort out what was real and what was not real. This was the first place I ever got dirt under my nails.


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Spring Lake Ranch offers a continuum of care in which people with mental health issues and/or dual diagnosis can grow and recover as they interact with others who understand their challenges.

The combination of structure provided by our work program, the insight and skills learned from regular onsite therapy, the connection and relationships developed with individual advising teams and simply having fun engaging in activities, means our residents have countless opportunities to learn how to manage their illness and substance use in new positive and creative ways. Residents build strengths and hone their skills as they move through the various programs offered by Spring Lake Ranch.

Beginning at the working farm in Cuttingsville and moving to a range of options in Rutland, we are able to assist residents in moving from a period of crisis to a satisfying life. The sense of belonging to the community, the commitment to something meaningful and lasting, shifts the focus from a person’s illness to what a person can do in spite of great challenge, with the help of a supportive community.