Dual Diagnosis Treatment Program

More and more people with mental illnesses are also dually diagnosed with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, and these co-occurring disorders can feel like a life sentence. Most mental health rehab facilities and treatment centers are not equipped to handle addictions, and most substance abuse rehabilitation programs don’t address the underlying illness.

Whether a person with a pervasive mental illness is using drugs or alcohol to self-medicate, or whether persistent drug use has contributed to a person’s mental illness, individuals with dual diagnoses can find a singular treatment option at Spring Lake Ranch in Cuttingsville, VT. Much more than just a dual diagnosis treatment facility, Spring Lake Ranch encourages people to put their diagnoses into their proper places. We offer a safe and rarified environment where people can live a sober life, some for the first time. And lifting the veil of addiction exposes one’s mental illness to better understanding and treatment.

As a treatment program tailored specifically for people with dual diagnosis, Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community is uniquely positioned to help those with these exceptional struggles, combining the strengths of both a medication assisted treatment center and a residential mental health treatment facility.