Mental Health Recovery & Treatment Facility

In the constantly evolving world of mental health rehabilitation, the definition of recovery has grown more and more refined. Whereas a person with a severe mental illness might at one time have been confined to the locked wards of an out-of-the-way facility for the rest of his days, or been victimized by quack remedies that did far more harm than good, in this modern age true mental health recovery reaches farther – but is more achievable – than ever before. People with mental illness can recover; they can lead interesting, fulfilling, and dynamic lives in their communities.

Advances in medication, scientific discovery, and better psychiatric services play a weighty role in improved outcomes for people with mental illnesses. But chemicals and science can only bring a person so far. It’s human connection that makes the difference in a person’s rehabilitation, the journey from mental illness to wellness. And it’s human connection that differentiates Spring Lake Ranch from other mental health rehabilitation programs and facilities.

Even though the challenges facing people with mental illnesses are great, recovery is a realistic goal with the help of modern psychiatry, and with a caring support network.