Psychiatric Rehabilitation Facility

Most Spring Lake Ranch residents and their families have been around and around in a vicious cycle of psychiatric breakdown, hospitalization, stabilization, rehabilitation, recovery, and relapse, often for many years before finding an alternative in Spring Lake Ranch. Though we credit much of our success in breaking the cycle to our unique milieu approach, we also owe a great debt to the constant advances in psychiatry and addiction treatment.

Spring Lake Ranch has far more to offer to residents than just a beautiful backdrop, some homemade furniture, and earnest guitar music around a campfire. We’re also serious about providing top notch psychiatric residential treatment for people with mental illness. We work in close concert with our consulting psychiatrist to achieve the best medication regimen for each resident. We maintain close ties with local mental health professionals, and attend conferences, seminars, and workshops all over the country, where we learn about new research. Prominent members of the psychiatric health treatment community often visit to share their knowledge with our staff and residents. We fearlessly explore new ideas and different techniques for reaching past our residents’ disorders and finding their gifts. And then we build ramps to opportunities in the wider community for them to share those gifts.

With one foot in the fast-paced realm of advancing psychiatric treatment, and one foot planted firmly in the idyllic forests of Vermont’s Green Mountains, Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community is truly positioned to offer the best of both worlds to people with psychiatric issues and dual diagnosis.