Residential Mental Health Treatment Facility

Why choose residential mental health treatment? When confronted with the residential question, families naturally struggle with feelings of guilt or abandonment, and doubts about being away from a loved one. Meanwhile, prospective Spring Lake Ranch residents fear the stigma of inpatient or long term mental health treatment in a residential facility.

But residential treatment can be a godsend for families who have fought a difficult battle with mental illness and addiction. Families can rest easy knowing that the resident is in a safe and caring environment, getting the treatment he or she needs. And the resident, far from being marginalized as a patient or case, benefits from the change of pace, time to focus on wellness goals, inclusion in a community of professional staff and empathetic peers, and round-the-clock response to keep situations from escalating to emergencies.

Though Spring Lake Ranch might be termed a “residential facility,” an exploratory visit will show that Spring Lake Ranch is a place apart, in a beautiful, natural environment far removed from the typical inpatient facility. And though what we provide may be deemed “long term care,” it can be the most useful, purposeful time in a resident’s life. Meeting the challenge of a life-changing mental health diagnosis is the most important project a person with mental illness or dual diagnosis can undertake. Time and again, our residents and their families find that a brief, intensive stay in an alternative residential treatment program like Spring Lake Ranch can best situate them to meet their long term goals.