Therapeutic Community

The concept of the therapeutic community is in no way a new one. Spring Lake Ranch existed as a therapeutic community even before the term was coined, and opened itself to military veterans struggling with mental trauma back in the 1930’s. In our history of almost 80 years, Spring Lake Ranch, with its community model, has existed to support and empower people whose disabilities often seem too great to overcome: people with major mental illness, severe personality disorders, addiction and dual diagnosis treatment needs, people whose lives are marked by challenges, people who have lost touch with their strengths, their interests, and their talents.

But in a therapeutic community like Spring Lake Ranch, residents and staff engage together in every aspect of a dynamic community. They find purpose and structure in side-by-side work, and rediscover their individuality in shared recreation. They find themselves contributing in unique and empowering ways, driving their own treatment, focusing on their own real strengths, investing in their own mental health and wellness.

The concept of self esteem as a tool for the treatment of mental health is also not new. While it’s been around even longer than the therapeutic community model, it finds its best expression in a facility like Spring Lake Ranch.