Our Dedicated Team: Challenging Mental Illness and Addiction

What People Are Saying...

  • Long-term staff went beyond the call of duty to help me when I was struggling. They would take time out to talk to me and help me resume my activities. I felt the best when I felt listened to and taken seriously by the staff. I felt that the staff treated me as a person and equal, and not a patient. I have been to other programs but at the Ranch the staff is not just staff.


  • We have fun together as a community: playing pool, the gym, tennis, softball, pottery, etc. Staff can motivate, inspire, and be role models. Plus they know how to have a good time.


Spring Lake Ranch staff Spring Lake Ranch staff

Since its founding in 1932, Spring Lake Ranch has been a community in which people who are well and people who are not well live together without distinction, sharing a simple rural life.

This therapeutic community draws staff of every age and profession, people of vast and varied experience. In their search for a fulfilling life using their gifts to help others, staff have found home communities in Cuttingsville and Rutland. They come from the world of business, agriculture, psychology, academia, the trades, the sciences, the arts. The core members of the staff have been here for many years. Through experience and ongoing training, they have developed a thorough knowledge of psychiatric illness, and the issues that face Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community residents. Others are joining us from college, bringing fresh energy and ideas. From time to time, we employ former residents who add their own unique perspective.

This eclectic staff is supported and overseen by a staff of more traditional mental health and substance abuse providers, including our consulting psychiatrist, social workers, and a dedicated team of clinical professionals with substantive experience working with individuals with co-occuring and  mental health issues. 

Because many staff members live at the Ranch, they are a fixture at meals, on the lakefront, and at Ranch events. Children, pets, guests and former Ranchers drop in to add to the richness of our lives in the community.

The staff in our Rutland programs often come to work at the Cuttingsville farm first, and their experience of the Ranch approach carries over to their work with residents in town. The Rutland staff continue to work with individual residents while at the same time developing specialty areas like medication management, addiction support, job networking, home and life skills, and wellness programming, that any of the Rutland residents can utilize.