Spring Lake Ranch Trustees

The Spring Lake Ranch Board of Trustees is a governing body made up of past residents and family members, former staff, mental health professionals, business people, and friends — all with an interest in guiding the Ranch thoughtfully into the future. The board meets four times a year at Spring Lake Ranch or in Rutland.

Board of Trustees 2017-2018

  • James Alic (President)
  • Linda Berryhill (Vice President)
  • Ludy Biddle
  • Dana Foster
  • Janet Fronk
  • Scott Garren
  • Walter F. Harrison, III
  • Dan Jerman
  • Bruce Maslack, MD
  • Patrick McKee
  • Muffie Milens (Treasurer)
  • Alissa Johannsen Rubin
  • Kurt Shaffert
  • Phyllis Tarbell
  • Jonathon Wells
  • Linnea Wilson