Spring Lake Ranch Trustees

The Spring Lake Ranch board of Trustees is a governing body made up of past residents and family members, former staff, mental health professionals, business people, and friends all with an interest in guiding the Ranch thoughtfully into the future. The board meets four times a year at Spring Lake Ranch or in Rutland.

Board of Trustees

  • Alissa Johannsen Rubin
  • Bruce Maslack, MD
  • Dan Jerman
  • Dana Foster
  • David Almond
  • Ludy Biddle
  • James Alic -Vice President
  • Janet Fronk
  • Kurt Shaffert
  • Linda Berryhill - President
  • Muffie Milens - Treasurer
  • Patrick McKee
  • Scott Garren
  • Walter F. Harrison, III 

Honorary Trustees

  • Fred & Mary Godley
  • Daphne Gratiot
  • Maurice Green, MD
  • Ellen Jorgensen
  • Mary Patten
  • Anne Sheret