A season of returning to Vermont, planning, and bidding adieu

Posted: August 18, 2017|

It’s hard to believe that the summer is flying by! In Vermont, the nights are coming earlier and it’s definitely cooler.  I just returned from a hike in the Sierra mountains in California, which were immensely beautiful, but I have to say that it’s wonderful to be back in verdant Vermont. 

The green, green mountains of home at Spring Lake  Ranch

Planning meetings — share your vision

Our Board of Trustees meets tomorrow at the Townhouse in Rutland, with a primary focus on reviewing the past year’s operating budget and the budget proposal for the coming fiscal year. A lot of work goes into these budget proposals and I want to thank those staff who have actively been working on it.  

The Ad Hoc Committee continues to do its work toward defining a clear and sustainable vision for SLR’s future.  The plan is to conclude the work of the committee in time to present a recommendation at the Annual Meeting of Members and Trustees on Saturday, October 14th.  If you have any thoughts or input, please do not hesitate to be in touch with me.

Upcoming events

I received word yesterday that the ceiling tiles at the Rutland Free Library collapsed on Wednesday, which was to be the location for our upcoming speaker, Ron Powers. We’ll hold out hope that it will be repaired in time for our September 3rd event, but we will definitely let you know if an alternate space is required. Speaking of our family weekend, we’ve had a limited response (probably due to being on Labor Day Weekend) and have decided to scale back the events portion of the 2-day weekend to 1 day, which we're planning Sunday, September 3rd.  Families will still be welcome to come on Saturday and hang out with their loved one. We’ll send out detailed information to families and staff next week.

We bid adieu to Heather (Brown) Pinieri

And finally, it’s with sadness and joy that I tell you that Heather (Brown) Pinieri will be leaving the Ranch next Friday, August 25th.  We will truly miss Heather and all of her amazing energy and passion for what we do. She’s been a remarkable addition to the team and made real, authentic relationships with the residents and families she’s worked with. She’s also brought a number of new ideas to the Ranch and pushed us to try things we hadn’t done before. For all this and more, a big thank you to Heather and best wishes!  It’s also with joy that we say bon voyage. This new chapter in Heather’s family brings a new beginning and opportunities and is something she’s truly wanted. So, Heather, we’re very happy for you and wish you the very best!

~ From the Desk of Lynn J. Pilcher