Spring Lake Ranch is hiring!

Posted: March 28, 2019| Category: Work program, Community

Spring Lake Ranch is hiring for several positions. If you are thinking about a career in mental health or social work we have a rewarding place to start.

Visit the employment page for our full list of open positions: https://www.springlakeranch.org/contact/employment-opportunities

We are searching for House Advisors/Crew Leaders to provide residential support, structure, and guidance to residents through informal contact, house activities, participation in clinical teams, and work crew activities to create a positive environment and comfortable home-like atmosphere. Ideal candidates will have completed a bachelor’s degree, an interest in mental health and/or substance abuse recovery work, and a desire to live in a diverse community setting. In addition to getting started on a mental health career path, you will have the opportunity to gain skills in farming, carpentry, woodworking, forestry, and gardening. This is a full time, residential position with free room and board, free health and dental insurance, paid time off; all in a beautiful rural setting. For more information and to apply, click here: https://www.springlakeranch.org/house-advisor 

We're also in search of Support Staff for our Royce Street House. Support Staff provide house residents support, guidance, and assistance; and foster a positive, supportive and respectful home atmosphere. Specific schedule is to be determined. Specific responsibilities may include: wake-ups, assisting residents in geting their day started, preparing lunch for house residents and staff, providing transportation if needed, assisting residents with cooking dinner, recreational activities, and housekeeping. Support staff positions require physical ability to lift, carry, and use stairs; ability to tolerate household cleaning chemicals; must have a valid drivers license with clean driving record; and must be able to thrive in a busy home-like environment. For more information and to apply, click here: https://www.springlakeranch.org/support-staff-opening


We hope to hear from you!