Spring Lake Ranch on VPR's "Vermont Edition"

Posted: June 26, 2018|

Spring Lake Ranch's Director of Admissions & Outreach Rachel Stark made an appearance on Vermont Public Radio's "Vermont Edition" yesterday to discuss the World Health Organization now recognizing gaming addiction as a disorder.

She discussed how Spring Lake Ranch has addressed not only gaming addiction, but the wider and often less recognized issue of device/internet dependence. 

"More and more of the young adults who come to us come with a component that includes gaming or over all device addiction, processing addiction, and they're presenting with exacerbated anxiety, depressing, very much failure to launch, reverse sleep cycles, and overwhelmingly social issues, the inability to connect with another human being," said Stark.  "We, by default, have been running into this increasingly over the years."

The "Vermont Edition" episode also featured Dr. David Rettew, Director of the Pediatric Psychiatry Clinic at the University of Vermont Medical Center, who discussed the impacts of gaming on young children and research surrounding the WHO designation. 

You can listen to the broadcast here