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Posted: April 27, 2017|

NEWS!!!!! Thanks to a grateful family, all gifts directed to the Lakehouse project will now be matched 1:1 untiL we reach our goal of $25,000! Make a gift today and watch it double!

We are rebuilding the Ranch Lakehouse and are hoping that you can help!

From the early days of Spring Lake Ranch, the lake has been a healing balm for Ranchers in every season. Memories pan from quiet conversations on the dock to campfires at “The Point”, to swimming across the lake after hay crew, to cross country ski adventures in the moonlight.
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Boathouse 1 (2)
In the early days, Ranchers swam at the dock at the South end of the lake now occupied by the Shrewsbury Outing Club. In 1959, Ranchers, under the leadership of Ray Sirjane, built a shelter a bit further down the lake front To this day, you can see the spruce poles they cut for rafters, some of them with the bark still on. You can see the reused beams and roofing they salvaged from a previous location. Over the years, the shelter came to include changing rooms and storage cabinets. Unfortunately, time, the damp environment, insects and frost heaves have taken their toll. At this point the shelter is used for little more than a quick change into a bathing suit and a place to store gear.

Current Boathouse in disrepair. Current Boathouse in disrepair.

We are planning to restore the Lakehouse and make it a welcoming environment for Ranchers wanting to plan a picnic or duck in out of a storm. With your generous support, another generation of Ranchers, under the leadership of another Ray (Shop Crew Leader Ray Pratt), will build a shelter worthy of its magnificent setting. The pavilion-style building will feature solid wood floors and pleasant changing rooms and cost approximately $15,000.
Please help us with this endeavor by making a gift to the Lakehouse Fund! In celebration of our 85th anniversary, gifts of $85 or more will be acknowledged permanently inside the lakehouse. Whatever the amount that you are able to give, you’ll be contributing to a lovely building where Ranchers will continue to build memories for years to come.
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