Support the Rutland Program Renovation Project!

Posted: June 12, 2018|

Spring Lake Ranch’s Rutland Program is often the next big life step for residents on the “Hill” in Cuttingsville.

This fall, we are renovating the communal spaces in our two Rutland Program locations – including a much needed kitchen renovation and expansion at our Royce Street Transitional House – and we are hoping that you will help!

Having dedicated themselves to recovery and wellness, the Rutland Program offers a continuum of care and Royce Street Kitchensupport for those living with mental illness and often co-occurring substance abuse. Royce Street Transitional House is an option for clients seeking greater independence while still being supported by Ranch staff and its programs. The Townhouse gives clients an opportunity to make life choices on their own, living independently. 

The proposed updates to Royce Street Transitional House will provide much-needed functional cooking and prep spaces. As part of the Program, clients living at Royce Street Transitional House are tasked with preparing dinner for the residents and staff in the house one night each week from grocery shopping to food prep to the actual cooking. These are skills that individuals need to know when they live independently, and our goal is to teach clients these skills in a supported environment.

The current space is limiting. There is a lack of food storage space, cooking meals for a large group of people is difficult with a single oven, and the space is overall uninviting. The renovations would include knocking out a wall to expand the kitchen, installing new appliances including a double oven, and updating the cabinets to make them more functional. 

TownhouseCreating community is always on our minds at the Townhouse. With  seven individual apartments in the building, we are looking for new ways to create community spaces for our independent apartment-living clients, including cooking classes and boat building workshops. The townhouse has a beautiful porch, and our hope is to purchase enough outdoor furniture so that clients can come together and enjoy Vermont’s warm days. We are also planning to spruce up the Garden located at the Townhouse, which provides fresh vegetables for clients to use. 

The renovations for all three projects are expected to cost around $80,000, but the Ranch is currently seeking in-kind donations and grants to help alleviate some of the cost. Please help us with this endeavor by making a gift to Spring Lake Ranch for the Rutland Program renovations. Gifts over $100 will be acknowledged in a creative way in the new kitchen.

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