The beginning of fall, paddleboard launch, and a visit from Vermont legislators

Posted: September 29, 2017|

As I write the windows are wide open and a beautiful warm breeze passes through my office. It may be the Autumnal Equinox, but the bright sunshine and warm temperatures feel more like summer than the beginning of fall! Today, a group of seven intrepid Ranchers headed out the door with loaded backpacks and food for two days as they began a hike and overnight to Stratton Pond in Southern Vermont.

I recall a women’s camping trip I led in my first year to Merck Forest and Farmland Center, and what a wonderful experience it was to get to know the residents in long conversations over a campfire and hiking side by side. I’m so happy to see these trips continuing.

Photo of stand-up paddle board at Spring Lake Ranch

Christening and launch of the new stand up paddle board

We had a christening and launch of the Rutland Program’s new SUP (stand up paddleboard). It was a wonderful celebration of the creativity and collaboration of the boat building ‘crew’ and such a pleasure to see the results of their work. All were relieved to see that it didn’t have any cracks or take on any water, and rather, that it glided beautifully through the clear waters of Spring Lake. It’s so important to celebrate our successes. I thank Andy and team for building the SUP and for the gathering to celebrate it.

Photo of Lynn Pilcher, Betsy Dunn, and Marcia Gardner at Spring Lake Ranch

Spring Lake Ranch helps legislators learn about Vermont mental health care programs

And, finally, as I write we’re just finishing up with a visit from two Vermont legislators. We had a productive discussion with Betsy Dunn (Essex) and Marcia Gardner (Richmond).  Betsy serves on the Health Care Committee, which now includes mental health. As such, she and her colleagues have been visiting programs, agencies, and prisons throughout the state this summer to learn more about how different programs operate and provide mental health care. They were most impressed with the Ranch and could readily see the benefit of our approach.

~ From the Desk of Lynn J. Pilcher