Rutland Aftercare Program: Wellness and Recovery in a Charming Vermont Town

What People Are Saying...

  • I valued opportunities to talk to other residents about their experiences with their illnesses, and how they coped. This helped during my recovery: to know others are going through similar things.


After a stay in the relatively secluded and safe setting of the Ranch or other therapeutic community, the Rutland Aftercare Program (RAP) offers a supported gradual introduction to greater independence through our transitional living program in the town of Rutland, Vermont.

We recognize that individuals grow and progress at different rates. Our program allows residents to move at their own pace through a continuum of care that offers a spectrum of options. Whether at our Royce Street transition house, in an individual apartment in our Washington Street Townhouse, or in an independent apartment in the town of Rutland, residents who transition into RAP can flex their wings in an open but supported environment.



The Work Program at Spring Lake Ranch helps residents prepare to accept greater responsibility; RAP helps them leverage that experience to create work opportunities. When a resident moves from the Ranch into Rutland, he or she may already have established a volunteer job, an internship or sheltered job, or perhaps be enrolled in a class at an area college. Those routines are built upon or expanded as the resident is ready. Often, people begin by coming back to the daily work program at the Ranch until their new activities are better established. Others are ready to look for full- or part-time employment. Staff help residents connect to area resources as appropriate assisting in creating résumés, exploring opportunities, and scheduling job interviews.

In all our efforts, we keep the individual in mind. We meet people where they are, and keep the challenges appropriate to each person's needs.

Community Involvement

The Ranch is a safe and insular system, and Royce Street functions as a ready-made working community. But for residents to make the leap to greater independence, their focus must broaden to include the larger context of Rutland.

Volunteer opportunities provide not only the means for residents to give back to their communities, but also to make connections to new people with wide interests.

Other opportunities to get involved present themselves with the frequent events in Rutland: the weekly farmers market is a popular gathering place, as are the many parks in the city, and street festivals bring out the best of Rutland’s accessible downtown. Activity clubs are also a popular choice. These social opportunities are vital in forming bonds within the greater community.


Illness Management

Residents begin a relationship with an advisor from RAP while they are still at the Ranch. RAP Advisors concern themselves with the difficulties that come along with transition of any kind. They also help residents adjust to the increased pace and responsibility of living in town. Assistance in medication management, addressing addiction, budgeting, cleaning, cooking, and managing free time are typical services, though the skilled staff is available for more individualized needs as well.

Residents also continue to see our psychiatrist throughout their stay in the Spring Lake Ranch Therapeutic Community programs. In most cases, they begin a relationship with a local general practice doctor and a therapist in Rutland while they are still at the Ranch, providing established connections when they transition into town. For those who wish to supplement their treatment with approved alternatives, there is a holistic wellness center and an integrative medicine center in Rutland where some residents seek energy therapies, massage, or movement therapy. Hauchka Artistic Therapy at the Ranch is also available to residents in town who want to make use of it.

In case of the unforeseen, Rutland Regional Medical Center is located right in town, and includes a psychiatric unit in addition to top notch medical facilities. Other area hospitals include Fletcher Allen, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, and the Brattleboro Retreat.



Rutland, though large by Vermont standards, is a small city with access to theatre and the arts, local sports and recreation, plentiful restaurants, and unique shops. Most points of interest are within walking distance of Royce Street and the Townhouse. Some transportation is provided by the RAP staff, and the bus conveniently links people to many places in Rutland County.

Often the people in RAP will choose to come back to the Ranch to visit friends, have a meal, and enjoy the facilities, including our private dock on Spring Lake. Others prefer to immerse themselves in their lives in town, and take the Spring Lake Ranch ideal with them when they go, creating their own community of peers in their new home.