Royce Street Transition House: Effective Transitions to Greater Independence


The Royce transition house is a comfortable and inviting Victorian home within easy walking distance to all the amenities of Rutland. In addition to the six spacious private bedrooms, the house also boasts a well-appointed community living room and kitchen, as well as offices and quarters for the Royce house staff.

One night each week, a resident will team with a staff person to cook dinner. Budgeting, shopping preparing meals, and eating with peers are experiences that help residents practice being responsible for themselves. Residents at Royce Transitional House are expected to have a full schedule of activities each day. Although the structure for any particular person may look quite different from the next, typical activities include work or volunteer placement, time spent at the Ranch, therapy and recovery groups, and a recreation and free-time plan.

Royce Transition House is staffed 24 hours a day to lend a helping hand with chores, meals, medications, and all manner of life skills education and practice.