Giving to Spring Lake Ranch

What People Are Saying...

  • I went from the desperation and anxiety of not knowing what to do with my life to becoming a business owner and a working artist who also supports dozens of other artists. Spring Lake Ranch was the catalyst. My time with the Ranch got me here.


Enni’s Legacy Circle honors individuals who are part of the Spring Lake Ranch community and support it by making a planned gift.  Enni’s Legacy Circle was named for Enni Ahonen, who worked at the Ranch for more than 30 years as a cook. When Enni passed away in 1992, she surprised the Ranch community by leaving a gift of $46,000. Enni was a person of simple means who loved the Ranch. By naming this group after Enni, we hope to show that anyone can make a planned gift, no matter how large or small.

This group was created because we often learn of such a gift too late, preventing us from properly thanking these donors and sharing with them the life-changing impact of their gift. Enni’s Legacy Circle gives us an opportunity to show our appreciation now for those who have made a plan to give to Spring Lake Ranch in the future.

There are several ways to show your support. Here are a few examples:

Bequest: This is the simplest way for you to support SLR is to include a bequest in your will. Bequests are exempt from estate taxation and allow for a larger gift than might be possible during the donor’s lifetime. A bequest can be a fixed dollar amount, a percentage of the estate, or the remainder after other recipients are named. Bequests can be authorized when writing a new will or added to an existing will. All unrestricted bequests and planned gifts are incorporated into the Wells Endowment fund.

Insurance Policy or Retirement Plan (such as an IRA, 401(k), or 403(b): Another way to give a lasting gift is by leaving retirement accounts or life insurance policies to Spring Lake Ranch. Ask your insurance agent to find out how you can add Spring Lake Ranch as a beneficiary to your existing insurance policy.
The simplest way to name SLR as the recipient of your retirement account is to list Spring Lake Ranch on the beneficiary form provided by your plan administrator. If you prefer to make your spouse the primary beneficiary of the retirement account, you can name the Ranch as the secondary beneficiary. Never make a beneficiary change, however, before discussing your desires with your professional advisor.

Life Income Gifts (such as an Annuity): With an Annuity gift, donors support Spring Lake Ranch by making a gift of cash or marketable securities. In exchange, Spring Lake Ranch guarantees to pay a fixed income for life based on the suggested annuity rates set forth by the American Council on Gift Annuities. A portion of the income paid out will be tax free. Upon the death of the annuitant, the Ranch retains the remaining principle. An annuity agreement may include payments for a second life, such as a spouse. The older the annuitant, the higher the level of income.

Trust Arrangements: A Charitable Remainder Gift makes Spring Lake the final beneficiary of a trust set up for the maintenance of an individual or a group of individuals. In the right circumstances, this plan can increase your income, reduce your taxes, unlock appreciated investments, rid you of investment worries and ultimately provide very important support. A variety of other forms of trust are available which address specific estate needs. A lawyer or financial advisor can help you find the most suitable gift arrangement.

Spring Lake Ranch has partnered with the Vermont Community Foundation to assist you with the planning process. You can contact them at 802.388.3355 to learn more.

The information on this site is not intended as legal or tax advice. For such advice, please consult an attorney or your tax professional.