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Pure Vermont Maple Syrup

Each February the residents and staff of Spring Lake Ranch troop through the snow carrying buckets of sap, and the warm, sweet aroma of boiling sap fills the sugar house. Here in Vermont, we have maple syrup on our minds - pouring syrup over our pancakes and in our coffee on brisk mornings, selling syrup at the local farmers’ market, and sending syrup to family and friends for the holidays.

Making maple syrup is a labor intensive process: we tap thousands of sugar maples at the end of the winter and spend the spring collecting sap and boiling it down into pure maple syrup. Throughout the year we split wood to fuel the sugar house evaporator and maintain the sugar lines in the woods. But the process is as rewarding as it is rigorous: working together outdoors and building new skills are the heart of the Spring Lake Ranch program, where people with mental illness come to participate in a residential community that fosters growth and healing.

Making maple syrup enriches Spring Lake Ranch in other ways. All of the profits from sales of maple syrup go directly to supporting the operations of SLR.

We hope you will purchase our syrup or consider giving Spring Lake Ranch pure maple syrup to your loved ones and business associates. Our syrup comes in convenient half-pint, pint, quart, and half gallon decorative containers. Holiday orders are packaged in colorful handmade cotton gift bags at no extra cost.