Washington Street Townhouse


The Washington Street Townhouse, the center of our Rutland Aftercare Program, is located in the historic district of Rutland. It is a large, stately home that has been converted into eight apartments, as well as office space. These apartments offer frequent contact with caring staff and other participants while still enabling residents to live outside of an institutional setting.

The Townhouse dates back to the 1940's and includes many original features, as well as key updates. Each of the eight apartments has its own unique charm. Amenities like off-street parking, trash service, and limited storage are available, and Rutland's quaint and convenient downtown, with its restaurants, cafes, services, and stores, is just a short walk away down Washington Street.

For Townhouse residents, access to the staff is a simple matter of heading downstairs, where the Rutland offices are located. Group sessions and get-togethers are held in the adjacent carriage house, and the wide, inviting porches are an excellent place to hang out with friends. Some of the apartments are used for short term stays, while others house people who have been part of this program for many years. Sometimes residents who have lived in their own apartments elsewhere in Rutland develop the need for more support.

The Townhouse offers residents the comforts of their own private space while maintaining important ties to the supports they have already established through the Spring Lake Program.